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Date Night at the Museums


Friday, February 5th


$90 per couple

5:30 to 10:00 p.m.


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Page 4:
Tate Geological Museum


Dragon - Plesiosaur


Leviathan - Basilosaurus


Yeti - Gigantopithecus skull


Lindwurm -  Woolly Rhinoceros skull


Cyclops - Mammoth skull


Griffin - Protaceratops
Fort Caspar Museum
1. Wolf
2. Beaver
3. Vest
4. Bison
5. Fox
6. Muff
7. Cuff
8. Hat
9. stole
10. Mink
11. Mittons
12. Furrier
13. Lamb
14. Ermine

Can you find the items that represent each museum?
Look at this fun scene created by Zachary Pullen, renowned artist from Casper. All nine museums in the Casper Museum Consortium are depicted in this painting: Casper Planetarium, Fort Caspar Museum, Historic Bishop Home, National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Tate Geological Museum, The Science Zone, Werner Wildlife Museum, and the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum.